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AUTUMN 2023 (5:2)


A Conversation with Erin Little, Poetry Chapbook Winner, Maria S. Picone, Managing Editor


Sonnet for Queer Longing, Erin Little
Deborah, Michael Imossan
Young Snakes, Quinn Rennerfeldt
IF A POEM, Courtney LeBlanc
Self-Portrait as Chihuly Macchia, Jennifer Saunders
Mouth, M. Ouk
View From Our First Floor Apartment, Julie Weiss
My mother never sang. She watched, Tyler Raso
Matilda, the only thing that escapes this closet, Sarah Aziz
letter to my twin brother a few weeks before our parents win the lawsuit against me to keep his body alive on machines, Kimberly Glanzman


Direct Light, Sara Heise Graybeal
What are the plans for the weekend?, Glenn Orgias
Cycles, Nicole Hazan
I Dream of Produce, Z.K. Abraham


Resonance, Shee Gomes
Shocking Stockings, Taryn Riley
Looking into Sunset, Lisa Rigge
Mushroom, Donald Patten
The Masked Nupe Drummers, Abubakar Sadiq Mustapha