About Chestnut Review

Our mission is to provide a literary home to stubborn artists and writers.

We pledge:

  • to treat all artists who submit work with respect and pay them the maximum we are able,
  • to respond to submissions within 30 days, or refund submission fees,
  • to celebrate our artists not merely for their publication in our review, but in all their successes,
  • to accept only the best work we find, and to promote it relentlessly to the world,
  • to be ethical and honest in our treatment of writers and staff regarding our monetary policies.

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Why Chestnut Review

The chestnut blight that wiped out 4 billion (billion!) trees in North America in the early years of the last century didn’t kill the stumps. So when those trees were cut down, in many places the stumps still send up young shoots over and over, and when they get old enough, the blight hits them and they die. And yet they send up another. And another. Sustaining a creative practice requires that level of tenacity. Artists persist despite rejection, the intrusions of real life, the bills that must be paid, the jobs that must be done before any art can be created–that’s the best kind of stubbornness. A stubborn belief in your own worth, in the art of your hands, eyes, and mind.

We are here for you, our stubborn creators. Welcome.

If you’d like to know more about today’s efforts to restore the American Chestnut, please see The American Chestnut Foundation. (Note that we are not affiliated with TACF.)

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