First Kiss on Riverside

You leaned in.
Our eyes closed.
While rain, a mist so light
we may have imagined it,
caught us in a fine net,
on iridescent pavement.

Tears of the gods spilled
from April’s warmest breath.
Your lips, moist,
lustrous with liquor and
nacre, at the same time
both sweet and briny.

Our mouths, anticipatory,
opened like oysters in their beds,
and your tongue swished in
like sea water,
in and out,
searching for a pearl. 

Katherine Szpekman writes poetry and memoir from her home in Collinsville, Connecticut. Her work has appeared in Red Eft Review, Sky Island Journal, and Muddy River Poetry Review, and is forthcoming in Hiram Poetry Review. She was awarded Honorable Mention in the Connecticut River Review Poetry Contest 2019.