Acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 36″, 2017

Danielle O’Hanlon’s goal is to create works with which viewers can connect as they contemplate the visual, ideally arousing a strong emotional reaction. Her paintings are simple in composition and color, yet full of complexities that draw the viewer to stay longer. Inspired by artists Edvard Munch and Jackson Pollock, Danielle has expanded her technique to include a three-dimensional style of painting that she calls “Acrylic Sculpting.” She explains the impact of this method: “Acrylic sculpting brings my work to life in a whole new way; in a sense, the painting reaches into our world, asking to be seen.” She credits her husband and her many supporters who provided the amazing opportunity to pursue a career doing what she loves. She finds it very rewarding to know her paintings—displayed in public or private—are being shared, cared for, and admired. See more at www.DanielleOHanlonArt.com.