Four Images

(clockwise from top left)
“Believe,” “Love,” “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” “Bluebird on My Shoulder”
12×12 inches each, mixed media on canvas

Artist’s Statement
My signature square collage paintings are driven by eclectic curiosity and the joy of juxtaposition. I hoard images that intrigue, then position them in ways that resonates with me aesthetically and poetically. Recurring motifs have formed a lexicon of personal and cultural symbolism over time. My art places itself easily in pop art, surrealism, abstract expressionism, and street art, so I often refer to my creations as “urban expressionism.” They are also filled with references to literature, art history, religion, fashion, cinema, music, memory, icons of human creativity, the places I have travelled, and more. My imagination feels like some kind of machine: I am constantly consuming everything around me, then conjure a random combination and work it into something special. It is my way of processing the world and my experiences and maintaining equilibrium in the madness, finding the raw snippets of hope and poetry, making a beautiful mess.

Lorette C. Luzajic is an award winning mixed media artist with collectors in over 25 countries. She has travelled to Mexico and Tunisia and beyond to create and exhibit art. Her collages have appeared in dozens of literary journals and on the covers of small press anthologies. She is also a widely published writer, and editor of The Ekphrastic Review.