Sunset on Willamette River Bank

7 x 20 inches, watercolor, 2016
Painted in field notebooks bound with wire comb


Artist’s Statement
The artwork and text is drawn from a series of poem/painting duets featuring poems written to accompany watercolors painted on David Wolfersberger’s 3500-mile solo bicycle tour of the US West. Certain visual images in this painting caught the poet’s imagination, giving rise to word images in turn. The melting atmosphere of this composition reflects the river, the watery landscape, and the horizon where our days dissolve into our nights. And then there is that pileated woodpecker smiling his knowing smile back at us from his home ground. These images inspired Madronna Holden’s poem, which reflects both the allure and the poignancy of that road of our lives on which we are truly pedaling hello and goodbye at the same time.

David Wolfersberger and his paintings are summer friends, sometimes seen walking the land as they feel and remember it and want it to be again, before fences, where people live and care for the earth and each other. Watercolors he painted on his 3500-mile solo bicycle tour of the West Coast have appeared in conjunction with Madronna Holden’s poems in Cold Mountain Review, Puerto del Sol, Leaping Clear, Slippery Elm Literary Journal and many more.