Marla Faith

Green Heart Chakra

mixed media collage, 2012




Artist’s Statement
This mixed media collage was created within my Chakra series. There are 7 energy centers within the body and each has a corresponding color. The heart is a luminous healthy green, the color of new buds, emerald, lime, promise and hope. I tore up pieces of my older art, added more drawing and coloring, scraps of fabric, a parrot feather, fake leaf, sequins, decorative papers, etc. I work from all sides until the composition feels balanced with light and dark, curves and geometrics, flow and mood. My collages are poems without words, upcycled from bits of nothing.

Marla Faith creates paintings, collages, and drawings in Nashville, TN. She has worked in art education in schools and museums there, in New York, and in Chicago where she graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Marla is a long time meditator and devotee of Meher Baba, and a spiritual optimistic viewpoint informs her work. She has published three books of her art and poetry. See more about them and all of her art at