Trails to the Tetons

Oil on canvas, 48×60 inches, 2020



Artist’s Statement
Kathleen Frank has hiked through the West and Southwest photographing magnificent natural vistas for future paintings. To reach a sought-after vantage point, Frank is never timid about climbing and trudging and scrambling, going up, down and over rocky outcroppings, plunging down an arroyo or sprawling in bushes to reach a bird’s-eye view. The Tetons Range in Wyoming, with its alpine terrain and extraordinary flora, reveals rich panoramas. This painting began with a saturated red-orange backdrop. The main imagery is applied with distinct brushstrokes of brilliant color. Hints of the red background peek through like a woodcut. While the foreground is rife with native plants, the grandeur of the Tetons is captured in the distance, animated by swirling clouds. With pattern and repetition primal to her, Frank finds a glint of logic and order in complex jumbled landscapes. Her paintings celebrate the light and design in all its strangeness and beauty.

Kathleen Frank is a landscape artist raised in Northern California. She has a BA Design/San Jose State University, a Masters of Art/Penn State, and has studied woodcarving and printing. In Pennsylvania, she taught printmaking and costume design, and co-founded the Printmakers Studio Workshop of Central Pennsylvania. Frank then shifted to painting, seeking light and pattern in Pennsylvania farms, California scenery from mountains to sea, and now the unique landscapes of the Southwest. Publications include Southwest Art, Western Art Collector, and The Santa Fe Travel Insider; exhibitions include Jane Hamilton Fine Art, Desert Caballeros Western Museum and the Susquehanna Art Museum. Collections: Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Pattee & Paterno Library at Penn State.