Photograph with vintage and watercolor filters, 2021
Rocky River Park, Rocky River, Ohio

Artist’s Statement
Winter and COVID conspired to leave the arches and metal spine of this children’s swing set empty, providing a perfect view from the park to Lake Erie and the broad horizon. The eye is naturally drawn through the structure while the mind is invited to ponder possibilities. I find myself captivated by portals and the manner in which they hint at what lies beyond.

Gerrie Paino’s creative spirit has led her to various forms of artistic expression throughout her life. Most recently, this drive has blossomed into a passion for photography. In keeping with her minimalist nature and desire to move lightly through life, she eschews the typical array of cameras and lenses, choosing instead to shoot exclusively with her iPhone. Free to travel unencumbered, she relishes exploring the world around her and sharing what captivates her spirit with others. Photography has heightened Paino’s senses, teaching her to look more closely and engage deeply with her subjects. She delights in allowing others to see the world through her eyes.