Valley of the Raven

Valley of the Raven is a collage I created out of my love for nature. It is a hand made or an analog collage, in which paper images were cut to create a new image.

The mountains and raven in particular appealed to me, because they symbolize freedom and spirituality. These things are special to me. I hope they will also have a special meaning to people who view my art.

Paper collage, 2021

Susanne Swanson Bernard is a photographer, writer and collage artist living in Boise, Idaho. She has had a camera in her hand since age seven years old. She has been collaging since 2012, and is drawn to the grace of nature, and all other subject matter.

Susanne is keenly aware of the simple refinements in the compositions she sees. Susanne declares that we are always in a state of transition and all of life is ephemeral.

Capturing moments with a collage is a worthwhile effort.