I’ve always been attracted to mobile photography in urban areas. I’m partial to back alleys, fire escapes, graffiti-strewn walls or store fronts. Nature shots of majestic sunsets or mountain ranges just aren’t very satisfying to me. I shoot using a smartphone in auto mode—a Samsung Galaxy S10e. I’m too lazy to carry around my sophisticated Canon EOS 5D because it’s bulky and weighs a ton. If I did, I’m certain that I would end up missing all kinds of shots while fiddling with the controls. While rushing to a doctor’s appointment early one morning, I was fortunate to glance down a Boston alleyway. I was able to catch the sun reflecting at just the right angle to create a wonderful scene.

Color photograph shot at 7 Gloucester Street, Boston, MA, modified with B&W filtering, February 27, 2021

Phil Temples is a product of the Midwest but he currently lives in Watertown, Massachusetts. He likes to dabble in mobile photography. He’s published several mystery-thriller novels, a novella, and two short story anthology in addition to over 180 short stories. You can learn more about Phil at



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