Daydreams is an ideal that represents serene isolation, that which conveys elements not normally found together but are spiritual norms for myself that I find to be complete and embrace places and seasons. The creation of simple pen ink is in my mind the purest form of non verbal communications, the images are emotionally driven and convey the inner currents of unspoken dreams and turmoil that refuse to be defined by mere words. My art remains the truest reflection of how I view the world and how my inner self seeks to share each fleeting glimpse I choose to share.

Medium Bic black ink ballpoint pen, 8.5 x 11 inches, May 1998

Part of a once a decade series started in 1980 including pieces “Desolation” and “Teru’s song.”

Donald Guadagni is an international educator, author, and writer currently teaching and conducting research in Beijing, China. His published work includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose, science fiction, fantasy, humor, academic, romance, humor, true crime, photography, and artwork. Former iterations include military, law enforcement, prisons, engineering, and forever the wayward son.



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