Message in a Bottle

This piece is part of a photo series depicting the organic nature of time, time flattened and distilled on a cellular level. Message in a Bottle, with its sea glass green color and translucent sheen, embodies the concept of lost memories and thoughts that, once embraced by time, dissolve. Thin spinal lines make up the backbone of this piece, a neural network conveying and shattering emotional memories. Somewhere in this slice of the fourth dimension, a message is retained.

Edited digital photography, 2022

Carella Keil is a writer and digital artist who splits her time between the ethereal world of dreams, and Toronto, Canada, depending on the weather. Her art has appeared recently on the cover of Glassworks 26, in Columbia Journal, Skyie Magazine, Existere, The Cafe Review, The Storms Journal and Door is a Jar. Instagram @catalogue.of.dreams, Twitter @catalogofdream.




2022 Prose Chapbook Winner
This is for the Naming, Dacia Price (an excerpt)
A Conversation with Dacia Price, Maria S. Picone, Managing Editor

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