“tanggal” was initially written as a poem inspired by the penanggalan folklore of Malaysia. In choosing the penanggalan as the vessel for a hybridised exploration of change and its cyclical nature, both Ungco and Winchester hope to inspire a wider interest in her myth, as well as the other quietly enduring creatures of Southeast Asia.

Digital comic drawn using simulated dry brushes, 2022

Cinnamone Winchester is a Malaysian writer who currently lives on Ngunnawal and Ngambri land, Australia. Her work—which often interacts with fairy tales, myth, and folklore—is featured or forthcoming in Bossy, ANU Undergraduate Research Journal, Panorame Press, and All Existing Magazine. For her analysis of queer and postcolonial utopia in The Chronicles of Narnia, she received the Gender Institute’s 2022 Honours Prize for Excellence in Gender and Sexuality Research. Find her on Twitter @ciniswriting.

Sebastiàn Ungco is a South East Asian illustrator and multimedia arts student based in Metro Manila, Philippines. They specialize in hybridizing visual arts and other creative forms which showcase their attraction to the delicate craft of story-retelling. If not freelancing and developing fantasy visuals, they can be found curating their 220th Spotify playlist and daydreaming about animated music videos. Find them on Twitter (@sebisdrawing) and Instagram (@sebc0re).



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A Conversation with Dacia Price, Maria S. Picone, Managing Editor

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