The Jörmungandr is known in Norse Mythology as the World Serpent and it encircles the Earth. I first learned about it when I read Jormungand, the Japanese manga. In both stories, the serpents were slain (by Thor and Koko respectively), thus preventing the transformation that the serpents represented and were to usher in. In my illustration, I’ve portrayed the serpent in a children’s fairytale style, just as it is about to be slain.

297 x 210 mm, digital illustration, January 2022

Jacelyn Yap is a digital illustrator from Singapore. She started focusing on her art proper, having persevered through an engineering major and a short stint as a civil servant. Her artworks have appeared in adda, Sine Theta Magazine, Olney Magazine, Barren Magazine, and more. She can be found at jacelyn.myportfolio.com and on Instagram at @jacelyn.makes.stuff.