Veritgo de la Soledad

I have spent the last years investigating The Prints of the Earth. During this investigative process I have come to the realization that these prints reflect my most intimate and profound feelings, emotions, wishes, sadness and life experiences. My intention behind painting is to create magical worlds that move people, that makes them look within and explore their feelings when confronted with my work. The Prints are related to an extraordinary universe, filled with color, texture, sand and ashes. I try to translate my own path into the canvas and in the process a Print is left behind, filled with all of what makes me.”

46×60 cm, acrylics over canvas, 2012

Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky is a Colombia native. She holds a bachelors in anthropology with a minor in history and a postgraduate degree in Journalism from Universidad of Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. She has studied art for over 13 years with a well know Argentinian art master as well as studies in Florence, Italy, and Fine Arts & Design in USA. She was in Madrid Spain for one year painting and having art exhibitions and today she is in Colombia exploring her art. Vivian has shown her work in both individual and collective shows in Colombia, United Stated and Spain. She has been published in various books, magazines and webpages, and has received multiple awards.