Resonance: “. . . state of a system that vibrates at its own frequency, with markedly greater amplitude, as a result of external stimuli that have the same vibration frequency . . .”; The environment in which we live is capable of altering our physical, mental and cultural state. How we reflect and resonate according to these changes that we are subjected to daily in society is the starting point for the creation of this series that emerged in the midst of the pandemic.

Resonance is a series made during the pandemic with eight works painted on canvas + collage of MRI images kindly provided by a friend of mine.

Mixed media with acrylic and collage on canvas, 50 x 70 cm., 2022

Shee Gomes is an artist who lives and works in Brazil. With a degree in Digital Design, Shee began her work in visual arts the same year she graduated from college, in 2009. Shee has featured her work in numerous exhibitions, collaborations and projects, curated by books and international magazines. Her work consists of non-objective drawings and paintings with expressive colors and brushstrokes that seek harmony and a certain sonority in each composition as a way of translating her perceptions of the world. For Shee, art transcends cultures, concepts, ideals and time itself, connecting us with all that we are. Her purpose is to unveil the new and expand this connection.



Direct Light, Sara Heise Graybeal
What are the plans for the weekend?, Glenn Orgias
Cycles, Nicole Hazan
I Dream of Produce, Z.K. Abraham


Resonance, Shee Gomes
Shocking Stockings, Taryn Riley
Looking into Sunset, Lisa Rigge
Mushroom, Donald Patten
The Masked Nupe Drummers, Abubakar Sadiq Mustapha