The Masked Nupe Drummers

The Masked Nupe Drummers are a traditional musical group from the Nupe people of Nigeria. They are known for their unique style of drumming and their striking costumes with faces covered with silky materials and brightly colored robes.

The Nupe people have a long and rich history of music and dance, and the Masked Nupe Drummers are one of the most renowned examples of this tradition. They use a variety of drums and percussion instruments to create complex rhythms and melodies, accompanied by singing and chanting.

The drummers themselves are highly skilled musicians who have dedicated years of their lives to mastering the art of drumming. They are known for their precision and their ability to create complex rhythms that are both hypnotic and mesmerizing.

Drummers are an important part of Nupe culture and are often seen performing at weddings, Sallah festivals, and other important ceremonies.

Photography, Bida, Niger state, Nigeria
1500 x 1004 pixels, 2022

Abubakar Sadiq Mustapha is a multimedia storyteller, a poet, and an art curator. He believes in the power of photography and how it can be used toward mental health. His work has appeared in the Ebedi Review, The Song Is, The Nigeria Review, The Shallow Tales Review, Libretto Magazine, Salamander Ink Magazine, Lolwe and elsewhere. He is a fellow of the Bada Murya Fellowship.



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