Pop Machine

Three activities bring me great satisfaction: photography, travel, and taking long walks. All came together in the creation of, “Coke Machine.” During a winter trip to Saint Augustine with my wife I grabbed my camera and snuck out to walk through the tourist zone between Flagler College and the old fortress. This zone includes several smaller lanes where locals reside. I just happened to pass one ramshackle building that had this machine on the front porch. (Click!) Many of my better shots arise from this serendipity.

Digital Photography
4×5 inches
Saint Augustine, Florida
February 18, 2021

Rick Lingo is a retired educator who has travelled the world searching for the perfect shot. In this pursuit he has visited all seven continents and more than 60 countries. He specializes in architecture and travel photography but does not limit himself to these categories. His works have been exhibited world-wide, appeared in multiple print outlets, and reproduced by individuals for their personal enjoyment.



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