Beautiful Fighters

I created ”Beautiful Fighters” in response to the war in Ukraine. The artwork captures doves, which are symbols of peace, engaged in a fight. It is executed in mixed media, where I used a patchwork collage technic to manipulate pieces of magazines into a harmonious whole, which I then finished with acrylics. Despite the dark foresight, I hope the destruction of war will be over soon (not just in Ukraine, but in Israel-Gaza, too), that the peace will break in unexpectedly like rays of sunshine do through what looks like endlessly thick clouds: time to collect, rebuild and heal.

Mixed medium, 2022

Lena Zycinsky is a poet and artist whose work appeared in the New York Times, Poetry Archive, Consequence Forum among other places. Author of numerous books and shows abroad, she holds a BA in English and is currently a low-residency MFA student at NYU in Paris. Born in Belarus, Lena lived in the USA and Greece, and now resides in London. More info: leanzycinsky.com.



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