The Way to Hammamet

 The painting was created through the encounter of large color spots and represent scenes of life in North Africa by expressing love for exotic and distant places. The artwork focuses on the gradual disappearance of natural spaces and civilisation and testifies, like in a living crib, the tradition of the Berber Bedouins. Landscape shapes blend in the background through the encounter of colors. The chromatic background that comes from the combination of stains of watercolor recalls the weaving of oriental fabrics and the wear of time.

Watercolor on canvas

50×100 centimeters, 2000

Vincenzo Cohen is an Italian socially engaged multidisciplinary artist. He graduated in Painting from Fine Arts Academy in 2002 and held his first Solo Exhibition in 2005. In 2007, he earned a master’s degree in Archaeological Sciences from “”La Sapienza”” University in Rome. Cohen’ s work encompasses figurative arts and writing, reflecting his life and travel experiences while exploring various social themes. His art stems from extensive historical scientific research, focusing on cultural and naturalistic content. Over the years, he has embraced diverse experimental styles and media. His deep passion for nature, ingrained since childhood, motivates his involvement in environmental awareness projects.



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