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(21 December 2023, rev Jan 2024)

The terror of Oct 7th reminded me again that innocents–never those at the levers of power– always bear the cost of political violence. Both Palestine and Israel and their people have a right to exist, and to do so free from fear. But the asymmetrical nature of Israel’s power and military strength—funded and supported in citizens’ names by our US government—must be used to protect the innocent. It is incumbent on the stronger in any conflict to show restraint and compassion, not to use that advantage to destroy lives, even in the aim of fighting terrorism. I stand with the Palestinian and Israeli people who are committed to peace and justice. Oppression and the attempted eradication of a people will never lead to peace, nor will war fought for revenge. Only ceasefire and de escalation make the conditions for peace possible, and I share in the immediate call for them, as well as for the absolute right for humanitarian aid to reach those in most need.

James Rawlings, EIC

(1 March 2022)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 22 February 2022 stands as an unjust and insupportable act of violence against a sovereign state and people. Russia’s absurd justifications adhere to no facts whatsoever, and simply perpetuate the aggressive stance it has taken against Ukraine and Georgia in attempts to reestablish a Soviet-era hegemony over countries who have long since asserted their independence. I stand with the Ukrainian people against this assault, and though I recognize the noble acts of resistance amongst Russian citizens and public figures, condemn any support offered to Russia which seeks to justify the war under any conditions. I wholeheartedly endorse financial, military, and social support for Ukraine as it fights this war, and support all aid to that effect. 

James Rawlings, EIC