Writing Retreats

Whether you’re looking for structured space to write or the opportunity to make memories and impressions that enrich your writing, we’re here to support you with opportunities to get away.

Our retreats are led by our own staff, and sometimes with an additional guest facilitator who we know and trust. We’re always on hand with you in each location to provide constant support and help if needed. 

We only travel to places we know and work with providers we trust. We understand that a retreat is a special investment in your writing that takes time and money; we respect that and do our utmost to ensure that you have a transformative experience.

Here is a selection of comments from our 2023 participants:

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first writing retreat, but I was so pleased with the progress I made on existing and new pieces. 
  • All of the writing activities were terrific. I very much enjoyed hearing everyone’s work, and I found the generative sessions extremely useful.
  • The generative sessions were a great way to start the day and fed the creative juices.
  • I would definitely attend another Chestnut retreat. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.
  • It was a perfect week, can’t think of any improvements.
  • Very delightful experience.  Good way to mix travel, writing, and relaxing.

Urban Writing Retreat in Mérida, Mexico

Escape the winter and start 2024 with a splash of sun on the Yucatan peninsula! We believe there is a time and place for retreats off the beaten path, for solitude and reflection. But we also believe that there are times when you want to experience life and make memories and impressions that enrich your writing. This retreat is a hybrid experience with cultural immersion as well as time set aside for reflection and writing.

Merida at Dawn
Paseo de Montejo