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WINTER 2023 (4:3)


A Conversation with Esperanza Cintrón, Maria S. Picone, Managing Editor


Stubborn Writers Contest Winner — Fish Mother, Natalie Harris-Spencer
Palomita Azul, Sofia Romero
Just Like Her but Selling Pharmaceuticals, David Morgan O’Connor
Tuesday May Never Come, Mario Aliberto III
Guai Guai, Jennifer Luh
Common Flower Parts, Sharon Lin


Stubborn Writers Contest Winner — เข้าใจ (kaojai) // to understand, lit. to enter the heart (n.), Max Pasakorn
A Chronically Unhealthy Health Care System, Renee Cronley
No Context Autoimmune Disorder, Allison Thung
Geometries of Benediction, V.C. McCabe
Recycling died, like Santa and God., Katie Kemple
November Ends, Samuel Adeyemi
Recurrence, Mollie O’Leary
Self Portrait in a Type of Mirror, Alison Lubar
Philemaphobia or the Fear of Kissing, Judy Kaber
Old Photos, Yvette R. Murray


Seascape, Colin Xu
Inky Night, Rachel Feirman
Yachts on Fire, Steve Denehan
Daydreams, Donald Guadagni
Reclining Woman, Michael Moreth